A moment of sanity

August 26, 2011

In an effort to demonstrate that I’m in support of anyone who says things that make sense and would help our country (regardless of their political affiliation), I’d like to feature former Republican U.S. Senator Alan Simpson in my first moment of sanity.

“When we’re digging into those tax expenditures and Grover [Norquist] and his happy band of warriors are trying to call that a tax increase, that’s a damn lie.”

“The only thing Grover can do to you (he can’t kill you, he can’t burn your house) is defeat you for reelection and if that means more to you than helping your country’s terrible situation then you oughtn’t be there.”

– Former Republican U.S. Senator Alan Simpson (Video)

Former Senator Simpson has made many very wise observations about the importance of eliminating “tax spending” (i.e., various subsidies, corporate loopholes and exemptions). This tax spending costs the federal government an enormous amount. This is lost revenue that we need to help solve our deficit and debt problems.

Grover Norquist, leader of Americans for Tax Reform, who asks all Republicans in both houses of Congress to sign a pledge to never raise taxes in any form or fashion, endorses those who sign the pledge and actively works against anyone that doesn’t support his cause.

Unfortunately, as former Senator Simpson notes in the video, many of our elected officials are scared of Grover and his organization. This fear prevents them from doing the right thing for our country because they are too worried about getting reelected and not focused on doing what is best for our country.

It is ridiculous that one person and his organization could have such control over our elected officials that they are unwilling to do what is needed to solve our country’s problems. We need leaders with integrity who work on behalf of what is right no matter what. We have far too many elected officials who are too busy protecting their jobs that they end up not doing their jobs.

I agree with Senator Simpson. Anyone who is unwilling to do the right thing because it might make their reelection more difficult should not be serving in the U.S. Congress. Can we please elect some leaders in 2012 who have the integrity and bravery to stand up for what is right?